The Velvet Dog Spa - at Dogfather K9 Connections

At The Velvet Dog Spa, we offer several packages that can be tailored to your pet's needs. We are a full service grooming salon. We can do just about any style you want on your pet and our lead groomer, Katie, specializes in breed cuts, show grooming, and hand stripping terriers and wire haired dogs.
Grooming Packages
Show Groom/ Hand Strip: Bath, blowdry, brushout, haircut/handstrip, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, conditioning spritz.
-Prices vary by breed.
Full service groom: Bath, blowdry, brushout, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, scented conditioning spritz.
-Prices vary by breed.

Bath and brush: Bath, blowdry, brushout, , nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, scented conditioning spritz.
-Prices vary by breed.

Grooming Package Upgrades

Sensitive skin package: Oatmeal shampoo to soothe itchy,dry, or irritated skin, oatmeal conditioner to rehydrate skin, conditioning anti-itch spritz.
$10 with bath or groom

Flea and tick package: Flea and tick shampoo to kill any fleas or ticks, oatmeal conditioner to soothe irritation caused by fleas, remoisturizing spritz.  
$10 with bath or groom
De-shedding treatment: De-shedding shampoo and conditioning rinse work together to release loose, dead hair to minimize and sometimes eliminate shedding for up to 6 weeks. Extra-long brushout removes any remaining dead hair.   
$10-20 with bath or groom

Dental Treatment:  Toothbrushing with an enzymatic toothpaste made for dogs, which breaks down plaque and freshens breath, followed by a mint breath spray.  
$5 With bath or groom

Hair coloring: Pet-safe dye is used to creatively color your pet's hair. Dyes are either temporary or semi-permanent. Contact us for pricing.

While you wait services

  • Brushout: Remove matting or just brush out excess hair, etc. $5-20

  • Nail trim: Recommended once a month, more often if nails are grown out.  $10

  • Nail grinding: Gets nails shorter and smoother than just clipping. $15

  • Ear cleaning: Pluck any ear hair, clean out wax and dirt with a cotton ball and ear cleaner:   $8

  • Anal glands: Express anal glands:  $10

  • Feet/face trim: shave hair between foot pads/trim feet and/or trim face including eye area:   $5-15

  • Dental treatment: Enzymatic toothpaste that breaks down plaque, followed by a mint breath spritz:   $10
If there are any services not listed that you are interested in, please don't hesitate to call and ask!
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