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Home made treats and goodies! :)
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Home made treats and goodies! :)

Home made treats and goodies!  :)
I love trying out new recipes for home made dog treats. (My dogs love it, too!) Here are a few of my dogs' favorites.  They're all pretty simple and quick to put together. My dogs seem to like them better than store-bought treats, plus I love that I can make them with natural, unprocessed ingredients and I know exactly what is in every one of them.

Grooming Tools

Grooming tools
I often have clients asking me what kind of brush, shampoo, or other grooming supplies to use on their dog at home, in between grooms.  Here are a few of the tools I use most often on dogs.  Each individual dog is different, so it is best to ask your groomer about your specific dog, but this may guide you in the right direction when choosing products for your pet!
Slicker Brush
The most commonly used brush is a slicker brush. A slicker is best for medium to long haired dogs.

Hand Stripping

What Is Hand Stripping?
Hand stripping is the process of removing the dead top coat of wire haired breeds.  Common breeds that require stripping are: Schnauzers (all sizes), most terriers, Wire Haired Pointers, Affenpinschers, Brussels Griffon, Wire Haired Dachshund, Wolfhounds, PBGVs, Otterhounds, and any other dog with wire hair.  Hand stripping wire coated dogs is extremely important to their skin and coat health. Some people choose to shave or clip these breeds, which can be very detrimental to their skin/coat health.
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